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Optical Instrumentation Engineer at d'Optron Pte Ltd

posted May 9, 2020, 7:22 PM by Anand Asundi

Job Description

The Instrumentation Engineer/Manager will contribute to the development of state of art 3D smart computational optical systems for inspection and testing in the semi-con, electronics, advanced manufacturing and other sectors. They will work alongside other engineers to design, develop and assemble patented imaging technologies with deep learning capability. Duties include

·       Weekly meetings with directors in both Singapore and China to update on tasks and duties.

·       Align, maintain and demonstrate existing systems for testing and demonstrations

·       Design, manufacture (sub-contract) and assemble custom optical systems

·       Knowledge of coding in Matlab, Python or C would be advantageous

·       Keep up to date with technology trends

·       Prepare documentation and operation manuals

·       Prepare presentation and other promotional materials.

Job Requirements

·       Degree in Engineering including Optical Engineering, Physics

·       Ability to multi-task and work efficiently

·       Knowledge of Optical Engineering

·       Ability to create (opto) mechanical designs

·       Align and maintain systems

·       Excellent oral and written skills

·       Other tasks as required

About d’Optron

d’Optron specializes in the 3D Smart Computational Optical Solutions for industrial inspection targeting the semi-con, electronics, micro-systems such as microfluidics, micro and flat optics, advanced manufacturing, robotics and other industries. Our portfolio includes patented real-time 3D measurement systems which can measure objects ranging in size from meters to micrometers with any surface texture. With our Deep Learning capability, we provide integrated and automated in-line inspection and testing solutions and systems. For more details, visit or email: