ACOP Background

With increased activities in Optics and Photonics in the ASEAN region and new societies being formed, OPSS felt that this was an opportune time to bring these groups together to help grow the ASEAN Optics and Photonics community. At a meeting hosted by OPSS on June 23 in Singapore, members from the Thailand Optics and Photonics Society (TOPS), Indonesian Optical Society (InOS) and the Vietnam Society (to be formed) discussed their individual programs and how to move forward with the formation of ACOP. The Optical Society of Malaysia (OSM) and the Myanmar Optics and Photonics Society (to be formed) also expressed their support for the ACOP

It was decided that ACOP would benefit the region with increased interaction locally and also providing a strong base for regional and worldwide interactions.

ACOP Contact Persons

Anand Asundi - Founding Chair 
Husin Alatas - Chairman, InOS
Rahmat Hidayat - Vice Chairman, InOS


Anas Abdul Latiff - President, OSM

Khin Khin Win - Myanamar

Jenny Zhu - Vice Chair, OPSS

Qian Kemao - Secretary, OPSS

Prathan Buranasiri, TOPS

Athikom, TOPS

Nguyen Tin Luan, Vietnam



Seminars, Courses and 
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