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Holography to Light Field Workshop

posted Nov 5, 2013, 10:49 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 22, 2013, 7:22 PM ]
Holography to Light Field

Holography which is nearing 50 years since its first demonstration as a 3D display medium, has evolved over the years  and is now at a new phase. Holography is based on physical (wave) optics principles of interference and diffraction to record and playback display. With the advent of powerful processors, computer generated holograms are becoming the norm and also novel recording methods using computer images instead of real objects are being developed.  At the same time with the increasing use of computer graphics and image rendering, light field imaging which relies more on the geometric optics (ray) nature of light is becoming popular. Unlike cameras which only record amplitude of light received at a pixel. light field imaging considers not only the intensity in 2 (or 3) dimensions but also the two orientations (directions from which light is coming) to give a 4D (5D) representation of light. With this knowledge, perspective and depth effects can be realised. This workshop will thus focus on new holographic techniques and introduce the light field camera.

Date: Dec. 3, 2013
Time: 08:30 am – 01:00 pm
Place: Nanyang Technological University, Fusion at MAE (N3.1-B3c-06
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Supported by Centre for Optical and Laser Engineering (COLE)