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Mission and Goals


The Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore evolved from the SPIE Singapore Chapter and was formulated in 2008. The aim was to provide individuals as well as corporations and industry a common platform for exchange of ideas and networking and training. Two conferences in 2008 and 2009 have been organised under the auspiecies of the society. The society has also supported overseas conferences in Japan and China as well as the CIOE exhibition in China.

The Purpose (Mission)

The mission of the society is to bring together individuals and companies to form a strong optics and photonics platform for the exchange of ideas, networking as well as training and education.


To facilitate this e-newsletters, organisation and support of local and regional conferences, and workshops and seminars are planned. Local organisations in related areas such as precision engineering (SPETA), SPRING and other bodies will be encouraged to interact with us. In addition overseas and local optics societies such as SPIE, OSA and IEEE Photonics are already aware and keen to assist us. Finally student groups such as the SPIE Student Chapter, OSA Student Chapter and IEEE Photonics Chapter are encouraged to join as they are provided with free membership


  • To promote optics and photonics and their applications in Singapore.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information related to optics and photonics through meetings, exhibitions, conferences, publications and other ways.
  • To publicize and disseminate information about optics and photonics and matters concerning the profession.
  • To encourage the advantage of optics and photonics in education and training those interested in these fields.